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Chmerkovskiy, 33, used to be a pro on the show, and, despite a somewhat heated exit from the show in 2012, returned on Nov. The seasoned dancers were engaged from December 2008 to September 2009 before amicably splitting.PHOTOS: Jaw-dropping DWTS makeovers So Smirnoff was clearly anxious to dance in front of her ex on Monday night.Yes, it looks like Chad is currently Instagram official with model Zoe Baron. and actually discussed his relationship with Baron saying, "On a scale from one to happy, I am totally happy." He even hinted that he might be ready to say that big L-word soon, which is completely amazing and completely shocking all at the same time. He also revealed in the same interview that Baron was apparently the initiator of communication between the two.According to him, she reached out to his business email and asked him how she could get in shape. Baron also seems to share and appreciate his sense of humor, which is so important.Smirnoff (who recently announced she is leaving "Dancing") co-wrote the book with her best friend and manager, Lindsay Rielly.Smirnoff and Rielly had so many horrendous yet laugh-out-loud dating stories, they decided to compile them all into one book."It's great that we click in business, but (also) in life too," said Rielly, co-founder of creative agency Continuum Entertainment Group. "I was asking my guy friend for tips when I first started dating again and he said, 'You tend to stop smiling. But loyal fans of the ABC competition show got a special treat when former flames Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were reunited.Smirnoff, 35, is a current pro on the show, who along with partner Corbin Bleu is heading to this season's finals.

Caption: Maksim Chmerkovskiy with Karina at Forever Tango first performance. His family did not want him to marry her,” “Even her family thought he may not even be the one.

I’ve gotten to the point where it’s not embarrassing. I can’t go through it again and stay sane and stay normal.” On an interview with People.com, Karina openly confronted about her men habits while remaining in the relationship which coaxed the actress to move out from it. The relationship within a year of dating got landed in the engagement which failed to sustain and hence ended in 2015.